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This week, miss pixi didnt need to stay at her place in Boston, so she came to Lowell with me. I had told her I was a bit sad to have been spending 4 days a week at her place and only 3 at mine. So, we packed up all her stuff and her dogs and she came here.

She's designing a website for a friend's business and also working on her new blog, so I've had lots of "me time" while she's been working, plus the benefits of cuddles and companionship when she take time off from working.

Ginger was supposed to come over on Tuesday but came down with a stomach bug. Then we had a 30 hour snow storm. So, he finally got here on Friday night. We socialized with miss pixi for a bit, then she went to my bedroom to continue working and Ginger and I had our hot private time. Little did I know, he owns a pair of black leather pants, and wore them for my pleasure. Black t-shirt and flowy black dress shirt over that. Fucking HOT. Damn.

After a couple hours of playtime in the guest room, we got dressed in comfy clothes and went into the living room. I set out cheese and crackers and strawberries poured Chardonnay, and miss pixi came in and we watched one of my favorite movies, Across the Universe, all 3 cuddled on the couch. Still getting used to the luxury of cuddling 2 lovers at once. Pretty amazing. Beatles, snacks and my 2 loves... both artistic, both gorgeous, both funny, intelligent and sexy. Both fit, firm, lean, auburn haired, lightly freckled beauties. Both for ME.

Ginger spent the night. I slept with him in the guest bed. Too bad I don't have a big king sized bed for 3 to share snuggles all night...
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