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Originally Posted by nouryia View Post
My b/f downloaded some Chimp Spanner for me...haven't listened to it yet but I will . I borrowed a ton of music from him the other day, with some of your recommendations in the mix. I know he's fond of Uneven Structures' Februus album from our music talks but I'm not familiar with them...yet.
Februus, also a very new album. Bought it on preorder myself. I think you can download their EP "8" for free on their bandcamp. At least I did anyways. It's how I ended up knowing about them. =P Always good for musicians to give out some free music like that.

Februus is even better than that though. Hugely intense, powerful moments and others so soft and subtle. The 3 tracks on the 2nd disk of Februus are entirely Ambient instrumentals too.

Do tell me what you think of them and Chimp Spanner one you have a listen.

I've only recently heard of these guys, but you may also enjoy them,
Waiting on their album to be released, but the song they have up there right now is amazing. =] Sounds a good deal like Opeth. Same kinda style.

They now have an official site with it on apparently. Still free to download. =]
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