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Originally Posted by sage View Post

Yes, my lust over love comment came about because from your post the relationship between your husband and cousin seemed to have developed so quickly. It sounded very much like NRE rather than the kind of love that you have for someone you have built a life with and that you know warts and all.

I hope things are going better for you.


Thanks dear Sage
In my msg I was not very specific of even the time line. We had many social interaction with the other couple ever since their marriage, which was about 10 years back. we used to visit each other also. The second thing is. I had just mentioned that they moved in recently- which was actually in May2011 and only in November all this talk of polyamory came up. Hence we can confidently claim that we know each other fairly well.
Things r going good for us, I am glad to say that the four of us are now having a non sexual polyamorous relationship. and we r working on going further.
I am tracing my progress in the thread - relationship in quad
Hugs urmila

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