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Originally Posted by RavenSophi View Post
I think it would be nice of Beat to send a reply explaining the difference, of course she doesn't deserve any further communication after a response like that, but still.
Personally I think we should do what we can to 'educate' people if not for their good but for our own. I for one don't like to be associated with swinging because I'm poly. It's two totally different things in my book and I for the life of me can't see why swingers and poly people would debate if there actually is a difference.

Swinging is about the sex, poly is about building a meaningful relationship which involve sex yes, but that's not the main focus. IMO.
Some really good points here and some nicely debatable.
I often vacillate myself on the "educational" part as there's some part of me - when I see reactions like the response from her - that makes me want to cry out "WHOOOAAA here - we need some understanding and clarity here" and try to take the time to do some sharing and educating for...???.... the greater good ? But then I sometimes fall back and say "who am I to try to influence someone elses thinking/worldview ? Let it go !

I think this itself might make a fine thread for this forum as it's likely that most of us here are here primarilly for that purpose - to share & learn from each other. To reach out for "the greater good" etc.

Does anyone else agree ? Shall we ? Is there enough interest ?
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