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What makes you believe that staying with your boyfriend now will translate to forever? You are so young, I don't think you have to worry about seeing this as the way it will be until your dying breath. He will change, you will change, you might be alone for a while, or have lots of boyfriends, one of you might move away, anything can happen. Perhaps he's not the one for you anymore. You can still love people and let them go; you don't have to hang on to relationships that don't work anymore just because you love someone. The world of possibilities is wide open for you! Don't postpone joy and happiness now out of fear of what will come 40, 50 years from now. The point of life is to live it. Your 20s are all about experiencing life, making mistakes, learning life lessons, and figuring out who you are. So ask yourself what will make you happy and find ways to create that in your life, whether it includes your current boyfriend or not. And don't be so critical of yourself!
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