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Doing really well this week. Runic Wolf's girlfriend, Loveleigh, and her husband have been staying with us since Thursday. There is definitely NRE in the air and I am enjoying watching the two of them interact. Her husband will make a good metamor; he and Runic Wolf, and I are already becoming friends. We all share alot of the same tastes in music, video games, RPG's, etc. AND she can cook like Wendigo. Yesterday I learned how to make shepherd's pie (we dubbed it cowboy pie because we added bison) and today, Wendigo is coming over and we're making a chocolate mint cheesecake with thin mint crust.

Also, I have decided to accept the fact that she and I are both attracted to each other and embrace the opportunity to experience a full relationship with another woman. I will always love Pretty Lady, but even Wendigo says that it's time for me to have the experiences she and I never could.

Thankfully we're all going into this with our eyes wide open and enough experience under our belts to take things slow when necessary.
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