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Default After months of lurking....

Hello everyone!

My name is LadyKane, and while I've been lurking for the better part of 4 months or so I'm only now posting an introduction because I wanted to get some of my own stuff regarding my emotions figured out first. It's been a long ride coming to the conclusion that I am indeed polyamorous (at least in theory. No practice yet, but I've got hope with hard work and lots of communication it will work out.) Neither of us have any potential partners "waiting in the wings" so for now it is (mostly) theory.

So the players in the game, currently:
Me: LadyKane, 25 pansexual female, open to polyamory since the ripe old age of 19, but slow to act for millions of reasons.
My husband: XIV, 25 bisexual male, open to polyamory since as long as I've known him, but never explored (previously) because of the belief that monogamy was the only "relationship option"
Our son: Doodlebug - 6months old and cute as a button.

I'll be posting in the blog area a little bit of backstory regarding my own journey with discovering polyamory, and the situations that have arose around it recently... as well as future developments.

I just wanted to post here and say hi, as well as thanks to all of the forum members who have posted their own stories and experiences. Your information has been supremely helpful in some of my own processing.

So.... hi. =)
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