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I wonder about the wingwoman thing. I had a very turbulent open relationship once, which was "tell-all" (on her insistence) because we had been friends and confidants for 7 years prior to getting sexually involved.

And, basically, I told her that if we were going to have an open relationship, I would need her as a wing, for the simple fact that she can go to a bar and 5 guys will approach her within the first 30 minutes, and that has been the total amount of women who have approached me in my entire life (and, I do believe that`s a high number compared to all but one of my male friends).

Now, I realize that would only really work with a bisexual woman, and even though she was bicurious, it was an unfair expectation.

But, essentially, that is a huge problem for me. If I am getting into an open relationship with a woman, something must be done to even the playing field because it`s entirely too difficult for a man to 'hook up' and entirely too easy for a woman who`s truly willing to do the same.

What do?
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