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Yes, Anne, that is it exactly. I was speaking from a perspective of what monogomous people would feel. Some days (even after 3 years) it's still hard to wrap my head around the fact that I am poly. However, that being said, if I ever had any doubts in my mind that I am not 100 percent poly , then this totally cleared them up.

To love someone so totally like I love him , and not feel drama or angst because he wants/needs others is just blowing my mind. I never thought I would be there. I never imagined myself not feeling jealousy in this type of scenario. I always thought that jealousy was a conditioned response. Now my eyes are open. and I see for the first time that jealousy is a learned response and can be obiliterated with proper communication.

Last week at this time the thought of this happening the way it did, might have caused me some anxiety. I thought that I would be less a part of his life. I never dreamed it would bring he and I closer rather than drive us apart.
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