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As I am going thro' all the literature i can access to, I cam across a paper by Mr MAURA I. STRASSBERG thro a link provided in the forum, which has given me confidence that our polymorous relationship will succeed. Some doubt was created by the question by Magdlyn if we r all bisexuals and was confused some extent.
I quote the a part of the article which reinforced my belief that we will be a happy polymorous pair of couples - The “sex positive” orientation of polyamory and its emphasis on allowing relationships to reflect the reality of individual differences and needs also means that polyamory is understood to include the possibility of loving and sexual relationships between people of the same sex as well as people of opposite sexes. Polyamorous relationships can, therefore, be exclusively heterosexual, exclusively homosexual, or bisexual relationships. At the same time, polyamory does not include mere casual sex with many partners, as having multiple relationships is understood to be about much more than just sex and lust alone is not sufficient to sustain such relationships. Thus, the fundamental value of polyamory is relationship, particularly loving relationships
Thus, My husband and my cousin loving each other and me and my cousin's wife loving each other does not mean that we should be having sex each other and we can remain hetrosexual

actually I have not fully read that paper since it is fairly long one and needs repeated reading to study and grasp the contents. but as soon as i came across this paragraph i was just too pleased and thought i should share it
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