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Originally Posted by texaschick View Post
He told me that even though he needs multiple relationships it will never change my role in his life.

WOW! That totally made my week. I think that is what polyamory is about.. THose few sentences. The ability to have multiple relationships and not have it detract from each individual relationship. Most people couldn't handle that statement, they would feel like they failed. However, I totally don't see it like that. I see it as I have progressed past that jealous stage and into the next level.

Woohoo! patting myself on the back for jumping my first big poly hurdle.
I am puzzled as to how anyone could see it as a failure when someone they love and care for tells them their place in their life will always be treasured. Maybe I'm not understanding the perspective.

I did want to say that I think it's great that you've been poly for three years and this is the first hurdle, which you worked through by communicating. See, yous is an example that poly doesn't have to be so full of strife and angst and drama, like so many people assume. I am certain that, if we're careful to take care of the people we love, approach relationships with a level of maturity, speak our truths, and stay aware of and in tune with our own needs, wants, and desires, polyamorous relationships can go smoothly and be very rewarding. This is what I am striving for.
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