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I think that what SourGirl was saying is that it would be hypocritical if someone she was with talked the big talk about seeing animals as important, or more important, than people -- and yet let the cat out for it to be hit by a car or gave the dog away. There are people who say things like that and their actions prove otherwise.

For myself, I've lived with cats pretty much all my life and they have been very important to me, though I can't say more important than people. I have had to make painful decisions to give my furry friends away when I couldn't keep them, or to forgo expensive surgery for a cat because I didn't have the money. Were that a human being, of course, I wouldn't say to the doctor, "Oh, no, I can't afford to pay for my husband's surgery, so please euthanize him instead." But I had to do that with my 20-year-old blind and toothless cat who had been with me since he was a kitten. I stayed in bed for three solid days afterward, but it was the humane choice.

I cried a lot about the animals that were lost in Hurricane Katrina, the Indonesian Tsunami, the Haitian earthquake, and other disasters, and have contributed to funds that help people afford to spay and neuter their pets, protect elephants from poachers, give homes to abused animals retired from show business, and preserve near-extinct species - but if I had to choose between saving the life of a child or that of an animal, it would have to be the child. I would try and send someone back to rescue the animal, but how could I face anyone if I voluntarily left the child behind?
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