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Originally Posted by LadyNiah8504 View Post
Thank you both for your advice, it is greatly appreciated. And we've agreed that poly is not good for either of us right now. He has always known about my jealousy and my tendency to be very possesive. We've been together for 7 years and we've known each other for 10 years.

We do talk about our relationship every day.

He is very understanding when it comes to mental illness, he occasionally will get frustrated with me. I don't blame him there, I know I'm too much to deal with. But I will always try to work things out, because that's just how I do things.

I also made it mandatory that he will gtfo once a week. Because everyone needs some alone time and it's an excuse for when he is getting on my nerves.
That seems a bit harsh. Surely if you want to be apart from him, then you should be the one to "gtfo" as you say. I mean, sure, he may want to get out himself as it is, but you shouldn't be calling "mandatory" decisions. If you don't like who he is, with his own freedom to do as he wishes, when he wishes [taking any consequences of bad actions and admitting they will be his own problem], then why stick around for 7 years? Seems like a steam engine that could explode any moment.
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