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Originally Posted by SourGirl View Post
lolololol @ dinged !

Someone needs to mention the 'No humans allowed' apartment rentals. Pets only. Or the puppy classes, where they teach the dogs to sign-off on your DNR if you end up on a death-bed.

I find it slightly ironic/disturbing that this is even a question. ( In the context of personal lives. ) If someone I was with, told me they thought animals more important then humans, and I then found out the cat gets hit by a car, and the dog rehomed, I`d be plenty scared where I might end up.

These animal threads always amuse me.
Do you feel the same way about people with mental problems, who also can't do those things? That's basically all pets are. They just can't think the same way as the majority of us. They still have emotion. Often more open to showing them than their human counterparts too.

People also do get hit by cars and rehomed all the time. I really don't understand your logic here. Car accidents are very common in most countries where there are a lot of cars, strangely enough. A car doesn't see what it hits as human, dog or lamp post and I imagine the drivers very rarely plan to run anyone or thing over. Even those that do would usually target people or property to drive their cars into, rather than next door's cat that keep shitting in the garden.

We have entire blocks of flats [appartments] made especially for old people and orphans. Children in care will usually go live with another family. Those who have real trouble living every day life will often be taken to facilities that can care for them.

In short, you could have just answered "no".
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