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Originally Posted by PolyVerve View Post
My long-term partner is all for us dating, and the guy has never tried poly, but is willing to give it a shot. I am just really unsure how to go about getting started (I guess it would be a v?) and how it will all work.
Don't worry about the configuration or labels (vee, primary, etc.). It's not like there should be a mold for you to pour this person into. The thing that's most important is the relationship and your feelings for each other.

I'm a little confused when you say you don't know how to get started, because you also said that both your long-term partner and this friend of yours are willing that this can become a romantic relationship -- so, doesn't that mean you already started, in a way? At least, by talking about it? How did this friend say he would give it a shot unless you talked to him about it? So, now, go out on a date, have some intimate time time together, get it on, see how it goes, and so on. What else would you need to do?
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An excellent blog post on hierarchy in polyamory:

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