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Default How to get started with serious dating?

I am in a long-term poly relationship. We've both had various tertiary partners throughout the years, and one serious secondary partner, but nothing like this. My partner is hetero and I'm bisexual.

In the past, we've both dated people that the other partner may have known, but not necc. spent alot of time together, so most of the poly action happened outside of the other's company. More importantly, it was always clear that these folks were not candidates for any sort of primary relationship. (Our secondary partner had a sexual relationship with my partner, and was my best friend. Even so, she had a home and a husband that were separate from us.)

Now I've developed feelings for a hetero guy that we've both been close friends with for a decade. We see each other on a weekly or more basis, our kiddos are close friends, etc. My long-term partner is all for us dating, and the guy has never tried poly, but is willing to give it a shot. I am just really unsure how to go about getting started (I guess it would be a v?) and how it will all work.

Does anyone have any experience with this type of thing, and if so, will you share your thoughts? Thanks in advance.
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