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crap....that didn't go so well.
Hey, We all make mistakes and I have made more than a few.

My rant had to do with peeps who just see the term poly as an excuse to go out and get sex and justify it because they think they have this neat label that makes it P.C. for them to do so.

I apologize for not being more clear that it was this type of individual I was referencing...I have an immense amount of work to do to learn how to rant in a coherent manner.

This was my own frustration speaking.
The first people I met who were openly poly were also swingers. ---the confusion I had about that is what actually sent me searching for more data. We jumped into poly with that classic unicorn hunt ourselves and learned how we needed to get more information and educate ourselves, as individuals and as a couple.

So, I hope you can forgive the poor word choices. I was angry and came out as arrogant and rude.
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