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Originally Posted by Red0824 View Post
I agree with you jericka, I feel like the gf should be seeing how ridiculous he is being. I talked to he yesterday, I probably shouldn't have but I wanted to get her take on this. All she said was she still wanted to be friends with me and support both of us during this thought time. It's so hard for me to trust her, mainly because of the maturity level she is displaying as well, grante she is only 20, but she should be telling him to he his ass home to his baby and wife and try and fix the situation.
I see part of the problem. The gf is so young. She really doesn't have the experience to understand all the complications of this situation. And at that age, I imagine she is so swept up with his attention that it's carrying her away. It's unfortunate that she met your immature husband as her early introduction into polyamory.

Hugs to you! I'm glad you're out of the house away from him. I understand that you love him, but really the kindest thing I can say is he is immature, but really, I'm thinking selfish, insensitive asshole.
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