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Originally Posted by Minga1087 View Post
I am a 24-year-old bisexual female in a committed relationship with a man, and I am looking for a girlfriend. I also live in a VERY conservative town in Texas, though we plan on moving to Dallas soon where there is a wider community I'm sure. My partner has encouraged me to use bi/lesbian dating sites to meet someone and I have started looking. My question is, how do I approach someone I'm interested in about my situation in a way that doesn't send her running away? Do I even bring it up at first? It was hard enough coming to terms with my bisexuality and putting myself out there to find women in the first place. Now I have to find some incredible woman out there who is okay with the fact that I have a boyfriend. Help please!
You probably won't meet a lesbian who is interested in a woman in a committed relationship with a man. Better bet is looking for a single or partnered poly bisexual woman such as yourself. I bet they are thin on the ground in Texas, big cities or small town.

To ferret them out, I second joining ok cupid. It's free, and it matches you with people who have similar desires... it's open to queers and polys. Make sure to answer their questions and take a few tests so you can have enough info out there to get a good match.

Good luck. I found a wonderful pansexual poly woman within weeks of joining there. We've been together 3 years. Presently I am also seeing 2 men, one is married and poly, the other is single, kinky and open to me being poly, tho he is new to the concept.
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