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I feel much in the same boat darlin, its an uneasy feeling when the one you love is open to loving someone else. You just have to decide that loving him and accepting him means loving and accepting all of him, including his desires. (speaking to myself here too..) You can obviously decide that this isn't the path for you, but you can't expect your husband to follow and vice versa. Its a difficult decision for sure. Also, a thought that really helps me when i start to struggle is that no matter what situation arises or what you are currently having difficulty with it doesnt by any means take away from your complete awesomeness. You are amazing, incredible, sexy and desirable and anyone would be lucky to spend time with you. It does no good to think the opposite and its very true. I have been making it a point to remind myself of this daily. I sincerely hope things go well for you and if you ever need an ear to bend let me know.
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