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Originally Posted by Sharer View Post
He has to go home before coming to my house on our night and there is a strict curfew time that he must be home by. My night can never be on a weekend.

Neither of us is allowed to tell anyone else about the relationship which means no dates where we go out and no socializing outside our group of three.

She must have access to all emails and texts between the two of us.

I cannot call him in the evening texting is allowed though.

No sleep overs

No holidays

When they are on holiday I get a text a day to check in but no calls or letters. The text must be generic in case anyone sees them.
How are you supposed to develop a relationship properly under this kind of regime?

No dates AND no weekends, no socialising, no evening calls, no sleep overs, no holidays, and she must have access to every bit of correspondence between you two? AND if they are on holidays you get ONE generic text in case someone else reads it? who else would be reading their texts?

This sounds like the wife in the mix has very serious control issues.
I can't imagine why you would put up with this situation for a year, by now there should be some kind of a relaxation occurring.

Originally Posted by Sharer View Post
I have reached the point where I feel like I may need to walk away.
Don't walk away, RUN away.

Keeping things at the pace of the least comfortable is one thing, but if the "least comfortable" ones pace is an ongoing crippling restriction on the whole relationship, then don't put up with it.
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