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Welp... I have strained things again... I did terrible things. I cheated - and was honest, the honesty is a first for my infidelities. I had relations with someone I SHOULD ABSOLUTELY NOT HAVE. I started a journal on my sexual misadventures. I realized I have an issue. So I looked up self help sites. Yours truly is going to a sex addicts anonymous meeting. I need it. I want to say, and yet am afraid?
I had relations with someone I should not. There are several issues with this sexual encounter. I know it's wrong. I can sit here while writing and honestly be so confident in saying I know it's wrong. I do. But when these situations arise, I do not control myself. I KNOW IT'S WRONG. Yet I do it. I have no control. People may think this is an excuse. But do normal people have relations with someone almost 25 years their senior, who is in an authoritative position, and has a wife and family? Nope. Yep. So at least I'm admitting things. I am admitting I'm wrong. That I have no control. I do not trust this site enough to say for sure what happened - although I desperately want to to reach out. I do not trust someone.... Brandi. And if the man I had relations with is found out, there would be big consequences.
Me = needing self help
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