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I totally understand that. I just think that your mates would prefer knowing how you feel BEFORE it was too late and you'd already made a decision that might hurt them. You might be pleasantly surprised at just how much they care about your happiness.
Hahah I'm guilty of doing that all the time. I tend to sit on things for a long time, then decide one fine day that I'm going to do X and I go out and do it immediately. I don't want to say anything with so much certainty and I don't really want to influence D's decision of where she wants to go to school. Plus I hate looking needy.

Thank-you It doesn't need so much 'sorting' really, the situation is what it is. It serves little purpose to wallow in the 'what ifs' (which is kinda what I've been doing). I just have to keep reminding myself that as secondary relationships go, this one is fantastic. He is a thoughtful caring man and at this point, I don't really see my life without him in it. I'd rather have a third of him than none.
We're twins. I love 'what ifs'... relationships, careers, houses, cars... I can come up with so many scenarios for everything. I'm glad you're happy with him
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