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I agree with you jericka, I feel like the gf should be seeing how ridiculous he is being. I talked to he yesterday, I probably shouldn't have but I wanted to get her take on this. All she said was she still wanted to be friends with me and support both of us during this thought time. It's so hard for me to trust her, mainly because of the maturity level she is displaying as well, grante she is only 20, but she should be telling him to he his ass home to his baby and wife and try and fix the situation. But they seem to be made for each other at this point. I do feel like wacking him over the he's with a frying pan as well lol. So I've moved in with my parents temporarily, they have been a huge help with the baby, and having her away from my husband has made him miss her more and more. And I have to be honest, that was my intention . He and I are getting together Monday for drinks to iron out all the details. And Im leaving the baby with parent and going out tonght, finally! I'm ready to be done with feeling sorry for myself, and feel sexy and strong . He and I won't talk unless it's about baby till Monday so it'll give us and me a chance to decide what we really want out of this. And I think itll be good to not talk for a little bit. Maybe this will bring some sense into him, I have half a mind to talk to his parents and see what they think about this, his sister is coming up in a week to meet her neice. Hubby doesn't think she should know, I feel like she does, but I understand his reasoning behind it, so she wouldn't feel awkward. ( she and I are very close) but I think he is afraid she will be upset with him a take my side. He also wanted her to meet the gf. Haha. Any suggestions a to if she should be told? No one in his family knows except his dad.
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