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Originally Posted by InfinitePossibility View Post
Nothing coherent yet! Still filtering in my mind.
Actually - writing all that down reminded me just how important it is to me to have freedom in my life to follow interests and do things that fulfill me.

It does mean a compromise. I'll never have the sort of large, chaotic, close-living family that my sister has. And I suspect that I do miss some aspects of that.

But for me, having that sort of life isn't worth the sacrifice.

And - luckily my sis and I get on very well together so she lets me share her family whenever I want. Her bf is a very old family friend and I consider him to be a brother to me. So I get to join in sometimes and feel like I'm part of a large family without having to live like that all of the time.

Writing this has helped my anxiety enormously.

This week has been a good week with lots of happy, relaxed thoughts and experiences.

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