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Originally Posted by Megziebaby216 View Post
He explained the reason he wants to have a baby so badly right now is he wants to have a bond with our girlfriend because he feels threatened that she and I have such a tight knit connection and get to spend more time together.
Wow, that's some logic! "I want to feel closer to you because I envy what you have with my wife, so let's create a human being we'll be responsible for over the next 18 years. Yeah, that'll make me feel better!" So glad that you asked for a family meeting and spoke up for yourself.

Originally Posted by Megziebaby216 View Post
So after we all sat down we realized that we each felt threatened by something and opened up lines of communication.

My husband and I went out on a nice "wipe slate clean" kind of date and had an amazing time. I was so relaxed and felt that "relationship high" My girlffriend and I also had a nice afternoon the next day. had a cuddling movie day.
Good, good, good. Glad you got everything out in the open and started over fresh. Communication and forgiveness do wonders.

Originally Posted by Megziebaby216 View Post
Together we decided to bring up the baby topic in the summer and see where we stand then, and then look at next winter as a possibility.
That's definitely a better plan of action. You'll all have known each other better by then. Meantime, I would say, everyone should just make sure protection is used diligently.

Keep us posted.
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