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Default present status

Thank u magdlyn
presently we r having what u might call "non-sexual polyamorous relationship"
we r in love with each other and we are moving towards a full polamorous couples.
we are sharing our living space in the sense the other couple r staying with us but they have got their private bedroom for themselves. and are sharing cooking and cleaning up. presently they r our guests other things dont come into picture
My cousin who is younger to me by 2 yrs and his wife are the other couple
he was my favorite cousin and there was no romantic feeling from my side at that time. But now we all(4 of us) know that he was very much in love with me and just because he was younger and still studying that prevented him from expressing his feelings and considering marriage with me. (In south India marriage between some cousins is accepted)
none of us or bisexuals but i am bi-curious which others r not aware of it yet

Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
Good luck urmila.

Generally it is found that primary/secondary does not hinge on love, per se, but on shared living space, finances, child care, insurance. If your cousins will be living in a separate apartment, paying their own rent and utilities, and things like that, it simplifies things. Will you share cooking, cleaning up, bedrooms on a regular basis? Or will you have 4some time and then each couple retreats to their own apartment and bedroom at the end of the day?
none of us r not bisexuals, but i am bi-curious, which nobody is aware of this yet

It will all depend on how things play out for the 4 of you whether your cousins remain secondaries, or become co-primaries. I assumed you've known at least one of this couple all your life, since you are cousins. Have you been in love with him or her for a long time, even longer than you've known your husband?

Are you all bisexual or are you all straight? Is your husband in love with both of these people?

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