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Oh. I just wrote you a PM, not realizing this was all public knowledge and you answered some of my questions already! but publically!

So, I don't really get it. And it isn't our business so you don't have to respond (you did say it isn't for this thread), but why would Maca think that he couldn't fuck another woman without you around (I have to say, *really!*) and why would you want to add this drama added to your life? Stuff like that creates craziness in my experience and adds more to an already complicated issue. Was this to some how even up the score, make you feel that your cheating for 15 years was somehow lessened? Was it just a way to have his needs met so that you would feel better about your and greenchecos needs being met? I don't mean to sound rude, and blunt, and certainly am not judging, but I am trying to understand and care about you all. How this would at all benefit anyone other than your friend and Maca got a night of fucking that was above board is very odd to me and rather puzzling.
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