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Originally Posted by GroundedSpirit View Post
Also - and I hope you don't take this wrong, but I think you are at a particular point in your life where "freedom" is extremely important. It's a rite of passage - especially for males it seems.
I would agree with this but would suggest that quite often in our culture children of both sexes and genders are raised to be obedient followers from a young age and fight tooth and nail for their independence all through it. Consequently we have raised people to be blindly led to follow the norm from monogamous ideals to being complacent about what is happening to our fellow human kind in the world (etc etc.... so many cultural examples!).

I would suggest that many people are able to break out of this cycle or were not raised to be obedient. Being a person who struggles daily at the moment for my identity in regards to my parents who have taught me to "do as I'm told!" I find my need for freedom is HUGE! You are right, it's a right of passage I have not had yet in terms of doing all that I need in my life. I fight for my freedom from their ideas of what it means for me to be "obedient" which means what they want me to do or what they think is appropriate behaviour for our society.

Unfortunately I get no communication from them and have to bash them over the head with my attempt to communicate only to be told that I am over reacting and poo pooed as passionate and angry with the world.

Kind of a tangent, but somehow fits. Sorry not very well formulated, I'm working on it.
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