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Default Good Party!!!...with a bit of a different spin on the timing of things!!

OMG!!! Things turned out great!! and Richard drove to New Orleans in time for lunch on Saturday. Marie hasn't had a sexual experience in three years, so she was getting nervous about sharing a room with me and Richard. She arrived before us and went ahead and booked a room for herself so she would have somewhere to go in case things got heated up and she wanted privacy.

Well, it sort of backfired on her because she ended up with a HUGE room......With a large corner Jacuzzi and a living room area, kitchen area with sink, fridge and microwave etc. and the rest of us got these small tiny rooms! we knew right away....the party is going to happen in Marie's room!!

Deana and Albert arrived around noon, so the 5 of us headed out for lunch in the French Quarter. Pete joined us down there.....

Around 6, we headed back to the room to re-group.

Around 7:30, the party started coming together!! Dave and Tammy arrived around that time. We all gathered in Marie's big room and started eating some snacks and having drinks.

I had prepared a special play list for the party on my iPod and I had my "portable" Bose speaker which ROCKS!! Everyone was looking to me for direction on how this party was going to play out.

Around 8:00, I wrote the numbers 1 to 8 on tiny slips of paper and everyone picked one. We went in order starting with number 1. Each person got to ask anything of anyone, several people or everybody....anything they wanted to ask for. The only rule was that you can say "No" and if you do then the person asking the question has to keep asking until they get a yes.

Pretty soon, most of our clothes were off and people were starting to dance and make out with each other. Dave asked me for a lap dance....this is something I've never done, but I started and it was fun. So-everyone is watching us- so I whispered to him asking if he wanted me to pull his pants down and see if I could get him hard- he said- I'm already hard and he was. So we popped on a condom and my lap dance turned into....well- you get the idea.

That was about the time Marie and Pete went to Pete's room. Albert's turn came up and he said he wanted a "lap dance" I told him to sit next to Dave and I grabbed my KY, put one of my legs between one guy's leg and the other leg between the other guy's leg and put some KY in my hands and went to town with both of them at the same time!

It was Richard's turn and he was heading for Deana, so I said- new rule....from now on, everyone else just keeps doing what they are doing while the next person takes their turn. So Richard says "I say we all move to the bed" the 6 of us did that!! It was super awesome!!!

And 2 hours later, we filled up the jacuzzi, rinsed off and.....went out to hear some live music in New Orleans!!! OMG.....we were all grinning from ear to ear.

We didn't get in until 2:00AM and we were glad that we were all ready to go right to sleep!!
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