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Originally Posted by arianne View Post
The idea with this triad was that it would be equal/eventually be equal but I see equality (maybe I'm wrong here) as not being a possibility while they live together and I'm in a different city. Not that I think they care about me any less (or vice versa) but there's just different levels of commitment.
It certainly can be an equal relationship once you become a triad (my boyfriend's triad is very stable and has worked well for at least 5 years). Though from what you say, it's still up in the air. Perhaps you could press the issue gently, letting them know you can't wait for them to set a time frame forever.

Originally Posted by arianne View Post
It sometimes feels as though I care more about it - they have each other whatever happens.
Maybe it makes a difference but in my case, it doesn't completely ease the sting. I still wish the boyfriend and I could have more, even though I have someone at home who loves me. It's kinda up to me to learn to live with it...or move on if I can't. I am trying very hard...

Originally Posted by arianne View Post
"hey, I'm currently dating a couple - would you like to join my harem?"
I LOVE that line! You should use it. Seriously.
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