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Originally Posted by Pretzels View Post
Some thinking about switching the roles is good. Noodling and stewing is not. What I learned in my first poly experience is that people are together for a lot of different reasons and some of them aren't obvious. Thinking you know a couple's dynamic better than they do is bad, bad thing.

Also space is good and staying friends is good, too.

With her SO situation, the only thing I'd be sure to talk with her about is whether her SO is cool with everything. It is possible for things to rapidly get out of hand for everyone involved if the poly person is having an affair rather than adding a secondary to an existing situation.

Good luck!
Yes most definitely I agree, space is good. I will definitely have the talk with her. In the past, we've usually skirted around all others and our conversations were more based on ourselves and our emotions. It is probably time to incorporate her OSO. From my understanding and from what she tells me, he is "ok" with this arrangement, but doesn't ask too many questions about it. He only knows what she decides to share. I've purposely stayed away from those types of questions because I think the 3 of us are all experiencing this as a first timer and we all need time to adjust.

Thank you again for all the support. It's been so amazingly helpful.
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