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^^ Yikes... maybe if you bought one of those huge farmhouses? You'd need one of those passenger vans to transport everyone anywhere! Or a school bus.

The idea with this triad was that it would be equal/eventually be equal but I see equality (maybe I'm wrong here) as not being a possibility while they live together and I'm in a different city. Not that I think they care about me any less (or vice versa) but there's just different levels of commitment.

In the past, I've mentioned that if D decides to go to school here, we should move in together and there was some talk of that but her start date is somewhat fluid and she may choose to move even farther away (in which case I think I'm done). I'm guessing that's where the two to three year timeline came from as that is how long it will take her to finish school although I don't know for sure.

It sometimes feels as though I care more about it - they have each other whatever happens. And despite the knowledge that things take time, I can't help the comparisons. I also don't know how long I'm willing to be patient for. I'm at a place where I want someone (or several someones) to share my life with, not just on a weekends-mostly basis, and this is where I feel as though I want something but they already have that so they're likely not in any rush. I know things don't always work on my timeline but it's frustrating!

I've thought about whether I should go find another partner but well, I suck at the dating thing in general (I was attracted to J for 2 years before I said anything) and besides, how do I start a conversation with "Hi, I'm looking for someone to be a weekday partner but maybe more... or less... I don't know. But hey, I'm currently dating a couple - would you like to join my harem?"
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