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Originally Posted by texaschick View Post
My problem with the situation .. that it was too in my face and in my territory.
This reminded me of an conversation TGIB and I had. We were joking around about something, and he made a comment about me providing "references" to future dates. I laughed but told him, "Nope, that ain't happening! I draw the line at providing references!" And then I stuck my tongue out at him. It was all very lighthearted, but ultimately I feel the same way as I think you've realized you feel: I'm okay with him having other relationships and sleeping with other people, but I'm not going to be his "wingwoman", as you put it, and help him close the deal. He's on his own there as that's not a role I want to fill!

So, no advice, sorry, but you're not alone if I'm reading your conclusion correctly!
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