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You both have some very valid points.

I honestly don't think he means to be dishonest. He is just not very good at communicating what he wants. He and I both also hate confrontation. This has been an issue for us the whole time.

That being said, we are miles further down the road than we were even a year ago. He is much more open with me than he has ever been. He has told me repeatedly that he has never communicated like this in any of his previous relationships, so it's new to him.

We did talk about it after the fact, and I did relay my fears and problems I had with the situation. My fears: That he will replace me.. My problem with the situation .. that it was too in my face and in my territory.

He absolutely did nothing wrong. He checked with me first to make sure I was comfy with it. I think you are right Cindi. It definitely was a boundries thing, not a problem with him sleeping with her in general. I did relay that to him and he understood. We are making progress, which is why I'm willing to keep going.

As far as my friend, I don't think their are any issues there that are unresolved. She did come to me the next day and ask me was it going to come between us. I told her it honestly was not, because she was unaware of the situation behind all this.

She just assumed when it happened that he and I are just close friends;therefore, there was nothing to stop her . He and I are not open about our relationship, although most people who hang out with us can usually figure it out without us having to make an announcement. We have only actually told a handful of people (although most of our close friends most likely know).

I think after more thinking and reading both your posts, I have come to the conclusion to speak to him next time we are together about boundries. I have no problem with him being with any women.. as many women as wants. I just have a problem with it seeping over into 'my time'. While I don't really endorse us having a 'don't ask don't tell policy'. I don't want it up in my face either.
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