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this is one of my biggest reasons for being poly. Before I came to understand/love the idea of polyamory, I accidentally kissed another girl while in a relationship. I felt inredibly guilty, and the gf flipped. It took her like 6 months to get over, even though the woman kissed me, and after realizing what was happening, I stopped it there.

now, after a while I started to wonder WHY I felt guilty about it. After all, it wasn't to hurt anyone, it was merely a mistake. More importantly, as a baisic human need is interaction, why would I want to deny that?

it took me a while, but I came to understand LOVE IS NOT A ZERO SUM GAME. In other words, love is unlimited. Ask a parent of multiple children which child they love, and watch them squirm.

you would be lying to yourself to say you never are/will be attracted to another person. What makes you or your hubby think that a gold ring is an off switch for attraction for other people?

look, i'm not trying to say you or your hubbie's feeling's are not valid, i'm just trying to put across that poly accepts the idea of multiple attractions, not denies them. We in society for the most part DO NOT really love eachother, if we did, we would not get pissed off and call our partners a "goddamned two-timing harlett" when they admit they have feelings for someone else.

tell your hubby WHY you feel this way, not just that you do.
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