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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
We all have our little thought patterns that were taught to us or we adopted when we were dealing with a crisis, or still forming our strategies for life at an early age. We observe those around us and how they cope and that has a huge impact on the tone of the voices we listen to, or that come through louder than others.
It's amazing (and annoying) isn't it? My sis and I had a long talk one day when we realised that we both have a 'there isn't time' voice that comes out when we're stressed.

We learnt it from our mum who starts lots conversations by saying how busy she is and how there isn't time to do everything. We reckon it was a constant theme throughout our childhood and that we both internalised it. We make effort so shut that voice up but for both of us it comes back strongly when we're stressed.

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