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I'm assuming your husband has noticed your all cost avoidance of him. What's his reaction? Do you know the reasons behind the avoidance? Guilt, punishment, resentment from some specific fight or his role in general for the downward slide as you see it.

How would your husband characterize the relationship or marriage before you started avoiding him? Would he have thought there was a problem....or a difference.

Are you going to be OK sharing your husband? Most in this stage say sure fine because a) there feeling have shifted for spouse b) spouse has declared mono status and is resistant to it so they can't fathom that relly happening ...but it can and does and c) the thrill and chemicals over ride rational thought sometimes. OR d) all of the above. So I'd take some time and really think about how this might work out ....How this would effect you if roles were reversed. Go way back and read all the different stories ...the good and the bad and get an idea of what you and the spouse face . This is one thing that's really hard to stop once started. You wouldn't be the first spouse that pushed for this and then could handle the shoe being on the other foot. So be very careful things can and do spin out of control real quick.

Good luck D
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