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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
You know, when people explain distinctions to you, there is a reason for that. You come off as a bit dismissive to respond with "Oh, that's just semantics." How off-putting. It's not just semantics.
Really? I've reworded my question twice. Once for you and once for Magdlyn... just to get the answer to the same basic question. I'm not trying to be dismissive, I'm trying to get other perspectives.

It's not always semantics, but in this case it really is. The question isn't "What is polyamory." It's "Why are you here today?" Frankly, repeatedly telling me that poly isn't just about sex or just _having_ to ensure I know you don't identify as poly comes off as a little defensive. Here we are arguing over the definition of poly when I just want to gain insight from your experiences that lead up to where you are now with regards to relationships.

Non-monogamy is an umbrella term which ranges from cheating to swinging to open relationships to polyamory and whatever's in between. Polyamory is focused on loving romantic relationships, which for some people don't even have to include sex.
Ok, but what does that have to do with my question? Why does "How did you get here" have to depend on a strict definition of the word polyamory? It's clear that you don't even think of poly the same way others here do... so why beat me up over a less-than-perfect usage of the term?

Not sure, but you seem more interested in the sex. Get clear on what you're asking or no one would have to stress the differences to you.
I could clear that up for you, but it doesn't matter for this question.

Do you want to know how people got to be polyamorous or open or what?

Yes. That is the question. How did you become polyamorous, or open, or whatever you feel you are right now in life?

You answered, and I liked your answer. It made me think. It made me think that I might not really taking steps towards my own happiness.

I asked how people came into polyamory because this is So I said polyamory. It could have been non-monogamy, or open relationships, multiple non-exclusive relationships, or any number of other terms for what can be a slightly messy subject.
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