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You know, when people explain distinctions to you, there is a reason for that. You come off as a bit dismissive to respond with "Oh, that's just semantics." How off-putting. It's not just semantics. Sure, there are threads here debating definitions and interpretations of certain words and phrases, which are just tedious exercises in futility - BUT when you ask people how they got came to live a certain way and your words about it seem to clash with the general understanding of it, we're going to point that out.

Non-monogamy is an umbrella term which ranges from cheating to swinging to open relationships to polyamory and whatever's in between. Polyamory is focused on loving romantic relationships, which for some people don't even have to include sex. Some people feel that being poly is part of their identity, while others feel it's a structure for relationships which they choose. We make very personal, meaningful choices when we engage in polyamorous relationships. Not sure, but you seem more interested in the sex. Get clear on what you're asking or no one would have to stress the differences to you. Do you want to know how people got to be polyamorous or open or what?
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