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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
I don't watch Mad Men, but is there an openly poly couple on that show taking place in the early 60s, or is someone having an affair? That is not poly either.
You should, it's a great show regardless of any of this. I am referring to the protagonist constantly having affairs, however.

Note that I would want that aspect of it, though. I don't want to lie or to hurt my partner, but having a wife and a girlfriend is very appealing. One of the things that appeals to me in Mad Men is that Don does seem to care about most of his partners, at least as much as he's able to. I don't want to just sleep around, but to experience other women.

Maybe it's not exactly the poly ideal, but again we're talking about semantics. Maybe I should reword it to use non-monogamy instead? I don't see the point of being so focused on the exact definition when I'm really just trying to find out how you came to your lifestyle... be it poly, open, or whatever.

I know poly is not just sex, but maybe my question isn't really about poly either. It's just trying to get more perspectives and view things from other angles.


If you want to be basically mono, but just "get a little on the side," there are a whole different set of rules than being polyamorous entails.
Ok, but you didn't answer the question.

Instead of telling me what polyamory is or isn't, can you tell me how you got here?
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