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Originally Posted by InfinitePossibility View Post
How interesting, D. Our little voices are very different. I'm what my mum calls 'a worrier' which means that my little voice is mostly engaged with suggesting that 'things are going to go terribly wrong.'
We all have our little thought patterns that were taught to us or we adopted when we were dealing with a crisis, or still forming our strategies for life at an early age. We observe those around us and how they cope and that has a huge impact on the tone of the voices we listen to, or that come through louder than others.

My little (and sometimes very loud) voice is always some variation of "It's all my fault." That voice has me always looking for how I fucked everything up. I have a friend whose voice always tells her "I'm so tired. I can't handle this," and it has her always feeling exhausted or under the gun and easily defeated.

Funny how these voices never say things like, "Life is wonderful and I'm so happy to be me!"
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