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Originally Posted by clairegoad View Post
That's one of the smarmy questions that Okcupid uses to learn about people..

Honestly, it makes sense... a dog lover doesn't want to be dating a dog hater. I like dogs, have owned several. I'm currently dating a man who dislikes dogs... intensely. Fortunately, he's come into my life when I am petless.

As far as liking animals more than humans..It really depends on the animal and the human... Comparing a delightful loving animal with a poorly behaved human isn't fair... neither is comparing a delightful loving human with a poorly behaved animal.

Only trying to train a bad human to be a good one will only get you punched... and that's if you're lucky enough to not get stabbed. =P

I agree that as an animal lover, I certainly wouldn't want people who hated animals in my life. I only have a cat right now, and she's low maintenance as it is. But I certainly plan to have other animals in the future and such.

Originally Posted by InfinitePossibility View Post
It's all more love and (non-sexual) intimacy as far as I'm concerned. :-)
That's much how I feel about it too. Especially dogs. Very loving and loyal animals.
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