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I think personally in a relationship I could handle maybe a couple rules that strict even if I didn't like them, but when they get up to such a number it really is just overwhelming. I even don't mind if OSO's get access to my emails and such as long as I am told about it ahead of time. Of course them actually using the access would "feel" different than their ability to use it but the respect to refrain if you know what I'm saying. I respect any people having whatever rules they agree on and figure it's up to me to say no thanks to situations that would make me feel miserable about myself.

I figure no matter how intolerable some of those rules are to most people, because it was Sharer's choice to accept them, their cringe-worthiness seemed irrelevant to me. Of course if it was a new relationship I'd suggest running at that sort of list!

I also think the suggestions of downgrading the relationship's importance and dating more (if you aren't) are good options instead ending it if you think you could deal with that. I could maybe accept a list of rules in a secondary sort of relationship, but I'd hate to struggle with that in a relationship that was the/one of the most serious romantic connection(s) I had.
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