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Default meeting the bf at her housewarming party

I've had two great dates with a woman I met online. First was tea and a gallery walk, and second was an epic twelve hours with fun activities, super-intimate conversation, snuggling, and sex.

I'm really smitten with her, so I sent her a card with a print she liked from the gallery and let her know. She loved it and seems quite interested in me too.

She added me on fb, and as we were messaging on there, I asked if she was free Saturday. She said she was having a party at her place and asked if I would like to come. I said yes, and then she said I could bring my wife if I wanted.

I'm absurdly introverted, and want to get out of my comfort zone and meet new people, so I'm not going to bring my wife. If I did, I'd just cling to her the whole time. If I build a relationship with the new woman, they can meet later.

Now I'm sort of stressing over how to act at the party. If it weren't a backhanded invitation, I probably wouldn't be so worried, but whatever.

It's a housewarming party. (She just moved.) I've met her roommate, but will know no one else. I imagine her bf of 1.5 years will be there. Who knows who else. She's out to her fam.

While the idea of polyamory is not new to me, the practice is. Anyone have words of wisdom for this situation?

(Edit: I just realized this probably belongs in Poly Relationships Corner. Anyone want to move it?)
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