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Lesbians aren't generally big on bi poly ladies. Ya, likely not going to happen, but one never knows. Its a usual place for people to start actually. Seems good in theory, but in reality the lesbians are kinda wierded out or grossed out. I know I was back in the day and we made fun of women who did that and strung them along. I remember couples trying to pick me up too. Equally weird and disturbing. Lesbians are usually a conservative bunch and like their serial monogamy amongst the women only. Sometimes even attempting to take a woman away from the male partner (cowgirl) Its a whole other subculture that often just doesn't cross over well into bicurious polycurious women. Its often seen as insulting to lesbian culture from what I know. Of cousre this is all generalization on my part.
OMG yeah!! Can I say it's been SUPER HARD as a bi woman in a relationship with a man who really really really loves women and REALLY identifies socially, emotionally with women to be poly? I totally agree; most lesbians I meet are somewhat socially conservative! They want a woman, some even restrict themselves to only other lesbians (not bi women) and they are very offended at the idea of dating a woman in a relationship with another man.

Yup, Lesbians seem to want their monogamous marriages up here in Canada...

I GET it, because as a woman it is so incredibly hard to find another woman. So I think lesbians don't want to feel like they're going to be abandoned or treated as a play-thing by a woman. It's too painful in a culture where lesbians are sexualised and used for experiments, but not really deeply appreciated and loved as partners.

So those have been my personal experiences. However, others may disagree or have had different experiences.
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