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Default M5: Complete

Okay! has been updated. Some of the juicier stuff:
  • Real-time Messaging
  • Real-time notifications
  • Messaging Settings
  • Improved navigation in /People
  • Editable/update-able References
  • Improved Settings navigation
  • Proximity Search - now you can find locals
  • (hopefully) Improved field controls - mouseover buttons instead of on-click editing
  • Custom Profile Fields - the About Me and Looking For field titles are now editable


- What do you think about the UX? I'm planning on spicing up the Messages page with better indicators, who's online, etc. Any comments about this or anything else?
- How does Messaging feel? Are you satisfied with the way it works?

Next up
  • Implementing this round's feedback / bug fixes
  • Blog with Release Notes
  • Getting SSL working again
  • Notifications Settings
  • Groups: The Beginning

As always, any input is welcome and desired

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