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Default How to deal with feelings of rejection?

I am right now going through an introduction to the poly life world, albeit a bit forced. My partner for the past 3 years has fallen in love with another person. He insists he still loves me and cannot live without me. But, he also is very sure that he values his new relationship quite deeply. I have heard about polyamory and am not quite closed to the idea of practicing it in my life. But, surprising myself, I am racked by jealousy and find myself crying uncontrollably for my lost past. I do not experience feelings of hatred either towards my partner or his lover. I just feel sorry for myself, though, I dont quite know why, since he still calls me regularly (we are in a long distance relationship right now). I have great respect towards my partner for telling me and he insists he told me because he trusts me to be open. I want to live upto that ideal but, find myself struggling against my feelings of resistance to change. I see myself talking to him very nicely one moment, the next moment suddenly transforming myself into a weeping drama queen. I am sad...and, I find his happiness irresponsible. yet, i also know that if i dont stand by him, we are lost as a couple now. He is very democratic and is just asking me to open up the relationship, not expecting me to take it lying down like a subservient wife.

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