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Thanks, dingedheart. You're funny. Yeah, as an INTJ, my head usually dominates, but when my heart is stirred in the slightest, I go nuts. Life without a little temporary insanity is boring, though.

Thanks for sharing your story, Magdlyn. It's interesting because I actually did get hard during foreplay, and while eating her pussy, but when the focus turns entirely to my penis, expectations of what should happen prevent it from happening. And then I start to feel this distance growing, and I just want to do something else, but don't want to make the issue worse by suggesting she stop. At this point I suggest 69, during which I can get a little hard, but when we turn to intercourse it disappears again. Not everyone wants to 69 either. I could care less about having an orgasm, and I don't feel inadequate. What bothers me is that I feel it stymies communication and connection.

Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
Good luck! I think 4 girls right off the bat is a bit much perhaps. Focus on one or 2 of your favorites and see what happens as you get to know them better.
Yeah, that has always been my plan and I think I've found one that I want to focus on. (BTW one was a man, and the one-nighter is just how I roll with men.) I don't think that having sex "too early" gets in the way of establishing a deeper relationship, but I suppose maybe y'all are right that I would seem to benefit from taking it more slowly for myself.
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