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A subject close to my heart, Somegeezer.

For the past 10 or so years, my life has been shaped and changed by my relationships with my dogs.

Some of the change has been painful and the relationships have not always been easy. One of my dogs and I spent several years working at our relationship to rebuild broken trust.

On the up side, my dogs have brought some of the best people in my life into it. And working through relationship problems with the dogs has taught me much about doing similar things with people. I'm far more patient about change taking time than I used to be.

I wouldn't say that I feel that my animals are more important than the important people in my life. But because they are dependent on me I will sometimes prioritise their needs above the needs of even important people (depends on the circumstances!).

For a few years now I've wanted to move towns to be closer to my friends and family (and now also to my SO). Life would be easier for all of us if I were closer. And I will move but not until after my oldest dog has passed away - because I feel he's just too old to move into a city. I don't want him to go through the stress of a house move at his age.

So in a way I put his needs above the needs of my family, close friends and SO (I still see all of them but not as much as I would do if I lived nearer).

But it does depend on the circumstances. When my father was dying the dogs were in kennels much of the time because I really needed to be with my family. We all needed to be together to support each other for those few weeks. So in that case, family needs came first.

I reckon that my relationships with my dogs are important relationships in my life - just like those I have with the important people in my life. I need all of them to be happy and don't feel that any are more important. They kind of intertwine.

It's all more love and (non-sexual) intimacy as far as I'm concerned. :-)


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